8-metre linocut being printed by a scrum roller in 2014

8-metre long linocut print at the One Show in 2014

One of the 3-metre sections of Sara Ogilvie's design for the 2015 print

One of the 3-metre sections of Sara Ogilvie's design for the 2015 print

Scrum Down-Print Forward: Call out for Artists!

5 August 2015

We need artists, printmakers and/or print studios to represent all of the nations taking part in the 2015 Rugby World Cup. The participating nations are:  England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Argentina, Uruguay, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Romania, Georgia, South Africa, Namibia, Japan, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, New Zealand and Australia.

The 11 host cities for Rugby World Cup are busy drawing and cutting 33 metres of lino with artists, children, rugby players and community groups.

Set within the design are 20 rugby ball shapes of lino (28x18cm) for each of the competing nations.

We are seeking artists and studios to represent their country by drawing and cutting the lino ball shapes ready for the final printing event - there's one 'ball' per country.

The project will culminate in an outdoor printing spectacle in Newcastle upon Tyne on 11 October 2015. We will bring together all the sections of lino and print them using a scrum machine and team of rugby players. You can get an idea of how the printing works here:


We hope that the finished print will be a new Guinness World Record!

We still need to get artists in some of the nations so please get in touch if you would like to take part – first come first served! enquiry@northernprint.org.uk

Northern Print will send out the lino to those taking part. The deadline for returning the completed lino is 14 September 2015 at the latest. In return for taking part, each nation's representative will be sent a full set of all 20 prints from the linocut balls.The lino balls will also be printed individually and exhibited at Northern Print’s gallery during Rugby World Cup.

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