We always have a good range of inks available in the studio

Studio fees

Costs of using the studio:

To use the studio you must be a member. Membership costs £52 for the year. You also pay a session fee every time you use the studio.


Induction Session:

Before you can start using the facilities you have to pre-book an induction along with your first studio session. Your induction/first session should focus on one area of printmaking that you already have experience in and can work with independently. If you want to try a new area of printmaking that you haven't done before, you can sign up to do one of our courses.

We have an induction/technical support week every month, this is usually the first full week of the month, please contact us to check dates or to make a booking.

Induction/first studio session booked in induction week £9.40

Induction/first studio session booked outside of induction week £19.40


Session fees:

There are a number of ways you can pay for your sessions, depending upon how frequently you use the studio.

Half day / evening £9.40
Full day £15.50
Full day & evening (Wednesdays only) £24

You pay for your session fee and any materials used at the end of your session by card or cash. Some of the equipment in the studio eg. printing presses must be pre-booked, please contact us if you would like more information about this.


Editioning room:

The editioning room is a private studio at Northern Print. It has an electric press (Bewick & Wilson), hotplate and access to other printmaking materials and consumables. This is available for weekly bookings only.

£60 per week or £200 per month (by arrangement)


One-to-one technical support - must be booked in advance:

Please note: Inductions & technical support at no extra charge is available the first week of every month)

£12/ hour per person + session fee


Taster packs for non-members:

Induction (to be booked during induction/technical week) + 6 sessions. Sessions must be used within 12 weeks of induction.


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