Hafnarbraut, hand coloured etching by Bronwen Sleigh

Double Lift B:M:S, screenprint by Adam Burns

Side Step, screenprint by Emma Lawrenson

An der Rampe II, Etching by Bronwen Sleigh

Single Lift B:M:S, screenprint by Adam Burns

Forest, screenprint by Emma Lawrenson

Westfield Road, hand coloured etching by Bronwen Sleigh

Triple Lift J:U:S, screenprint by Adam Burns

Gate, screenprint by Emma Lawrenson

Unfolding Colour

19 Sep - 2 Nov 13

Unfolding Colour presents a selection of prints and other works by Adam Burns, Emma Lawrenson and Bronwen Sleigh, three printmakers who share distinctive methods of exploring geometry and layered colour in order to depict notions of distance and space

Adam Burns Stockton upon Tees

2009 Northumbria University, BA Fine Art

Adam has exhibited as a solo artist at Vane in Newcastle upon Tyne and as part of a group at mima, Middlesbrough Launch F18 in New York and at the Old Trueman Brewery in London.

Drawing on his study of the scientific exploration of colour as different wavelengths of electromagnetic energy, as well as the colour theories of artists, Burns has developed a deeply personal and meditative practice that explores the psychology and emotional impact of colour.  His work is concerned with forming complex inter-layered planes that result in the creation of impossible spaces that shift between the illusive and the concrete.

Emma Lawrenson Holmfirth, West Yorkshire
1998 Royal College of Art London, MA Printmaking
1996 University of Reading BA Fine Art

Emma's work has been exhibited in a number of galleries across the UK and Europe, often as a part of solo or mixed exhibitions and her work has appeared at The Royal Academy, the Royal College of Art and the National Gallery of Ireland.  Her prints are sold worldwide.

Emma Lawrenson's screenprints explore shape and form through the layering of colours, textures and painterly marks. Lawrenson's process from sketchbook to finished print depicts a repetition and gradual abstraction of shapes originally inspired by her immediate environment so that the emphasis of the work becomes wholly about shape, colour, proportion, scale and balance.  The methodology of repetition influences how Lawrenson's individual pieces can be viewed singly or as a collective.

Bronwen Sleigh Glasgow

2008 Royal College of Art, MA Fine Art Printmaking,
2002 Glasgow School of Art, BA Hons Design (Illustration)
1999 University of Wales, Institute, Cardiff Diploma in Foundation Studies, Art and Design

Bronwen has exhibited her work extensively both throughout the UK and internationally  in galleries and museums  from the V&A to the Museu da Cidade in Lisbon, The Royal Academy in London and Wroclaw Academy of Fine Art in Poland.  In 2009 Bronwen added to her collection of prizes when she won the V&A Print Prize and her work is held in collections at the British Museum at the Royal College of Art and the University of Calgary.

Influenced by the phenomenon of the contemporary urban inner city landscape, Bronwen Sleigh works from photographs that collide the 'progressive' elements of urban development with the destruction of nature in a constantly evolving and shifting landscape.  Sleigh produces three -dimensional maquettes from her own photographs before flattening the models to form abstracted nets which transform and distil the urban environment.

'Sleigh is a gifted and innovative printmaker working within a traditional medium -   etching - but introducing  distinctive painterly qualities through her application of colour, and the character of the mark-making. Her prints show us ordinary unremarkable spaces and prosaic industrial or urban architecture from vertiginous new perspectives.'

Gill Saunders   Senior Curator (Prints) Word & Image Department, Victoria and Albert Museum.


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